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Solar Organics is a successful professionally run enterprise established in the year 2008 and part of the group engaged in Dyestuffs and Pigments since 1987 based in Mumbai city. It employs a skilled workforce and acts as a leading producer and supplier of Pigments, Resins and allied chemicals for the surface coatings industry. As a leader in its businesses, the company aims to exceed its customers’ expectations through the pursuit of operational excellence and its ability to innovate.

Pigments are our key business and we are the preferred suppliers of major players in the coatings, printing inks, plastics, textiles industries.

We have a current manufacturing site located in Gujarat state has a capacity of approximately 2,500 MT (Metric Tonnes) per annum of Pigments.

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Corporate Philosophy


Our main task is to offer the products the market requires in an efficient and commercially viable way, in good quality and with a minimum of environmental impact. Thus we have a number of obligations - to offer high quality products and services, to act responsibly towards the environment, to make every effort to provide the solutions our customers need, to ensure short supply chains and finally to invest in a well-trained, highly-skilled and dedicated workforce.


To become a global leader in Pigments & Chemicals by building technology, business process capability and providing customer satisfaction through sustainable development.

Our Values
Solar Organics’ values are driven by our relationships with our stakeholders

· To our customers - we will always guarantee the integrity of our products and services

· To our employees - we will always keep them safe, enter into dialogue with them, and improve their skills and employability

· To our suppliers - we will take a responsible approach to our purchasing policies

· To our communities - we will work tirelessly to earn the respect of our neighbours

· To the environment - we will constantly strive to limit our impact on the world in which we live

We take pride in these values, which govern the way in which we conduct business. They sit at the heart of everything we do and remind us of our responsibilities to both the worlds in which we operate - chemistry and commerce.

Quality Policy

We at SOLAR ORGANICS are committed to endeavor to achieve the standards in serving the textile & coating industry through documentation, validated systems & procedures to produce consistent quality and quantity with continual improvement in our Quality Management system to achieve customer satisfaction.


The availability of natural resources is limited and are our greatest asset. An ever increasing standard of living, the growing world population and the climatic change are only some of the catalysts resulting in scarcity of resources and making environment control very critical.

Thus we continuously optimize our production processes and reducing the generation of waste thus reducing the treatment of the effluent. The compliance with statutory and agreed environmental standards is an integral part of our mission statement. We make every endeavor to reduce environmental pollution, beyond the applicable provisions, to a minimum - with appropriate means and by applying state-of-the-art technology.


We are pleased to announce that Solar Organics will be exhibiting their products at the upcoming Middle East Coatings Show 2014 show in Dubai.

Booth No. H-11
March 10 - 12, 2014 | United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

We invite all our valued customers and associates to visit us during show dates.


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